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Is Kleeners Choice ® a powder or liquid?



Is Kleeners Choice ® safer for plants and lawns than bleach?


Yes it is, there is no bleach in Kleeners Choice ® but you must always rinse before and after.

Is a pressure washer a better alternative than using my garden hose with Kleeners Choice ®?


Yes, a pressure washer is recommended to help the cleaning project work faster.  You can rinse with a hose but you must scrub the area more to loosen any dirt and debris.

What items can I clean with Kleeners Choice ®?


Multiple items, weathered decks and fences.  Composite decks, vinyl decks and fences.  Vinyl siding and plastic trash cans.

What is the best way to mix Kleeners Choice ®?


In a 5 gallon bucket using ¾ cup of Kleeners Choice ® per gallon of luke warm to hot water.  Stir until it is dissolved and only mix what is needed per gallon of water.

What is the best way to apply Kleeners Choice ®?


You can use a mop, brush or roller, chemical injector or pump up sprayer.  The best way is to use a pump up sprayer with a safety relief valve so that you can spray evenly over the surface.