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Kleeners Choice Multipurpose Cleaner

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General Product Description

Kleeners Choice™ is an oxygen-activated multipurpose outdoor cleaner for use on weathered wood decks and fences, composite decks, and vinyl decks and vinyl fences. Also great for outdoor furniture, vinyl siding, and cedar shake siding, cedar roofs. Kleeners Choice™ will also remove any old water sealers from weathered decks and fences. Kleeners Choice™ is a non-bleach, biodegradable cleaner that is safe for surrounding plant life when applied and handled as indicated. Kleeners Choice™ will clean your weathered fence or deck to get it ready for staining or sealing. Kleeners Choice™ is great for cleaning algae and mildew from your outdoor surfaces.

Directions and Dilutions: For Exterior Use Only


Mix 3/4 cup of powder per (1) gallon lukewarm water. Less product can be used on light to moderate applications. For heavy stains use 3/4 cup per gallon.

Stir thoroughly for 5 minutes to make sure all powder is dissolved. If not all the way dissolved add more lukewarm water and continue stirring to help dissolve the powder. Use the solution within 6 hours of mixing. Do not mix this cleaner with other products.


Remove all dirt, debris, and dust from surfaces before starting. Use when the outside temperature is above 40°F(4°C).

Pre-wet surface with fresh water before applying the cleaning solution. Kleeners Choice™ is safe for plants and grass but it is always good to pre-wet all surrounding areas. Apply the cleaning solution with a hand pump-up sprayer, roller, brush, mop, electric pump, or chemical injector on a pressure washing machine. If a pump-up sprayer is used, do not leave the mixture unattended due to oxygen release. Leave the safety relief valve on when using a pump-up sprayer.

Allow the cleaning solution to sit for 10 to 15 minutes, and apply more if necessary to keep the surface wet for the 10-15 minute period. Use a medium to stiff brush to clean the areas working in small sections at a time. With a pressure washer use a wide-angle tip with low to medium pressure to clean the areas. The surface will appear clean and stain-free. A second application may be needed for areas of heavy staining or weathering. Rinse the surface good and remove all cleaning solution.

Allow wood surfaces to dry before applying water-based finishes. Oil-based finishes can be applied to wood 24 hours after cleaning.

Powder concentrate makes 5 gallons of cleaner. Covers 750 Sq. Ft.

Coverage can go further if cleaning light to moderate applications.


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